Our Brooklyn NY school has roots that go back some 50 years, when Mark Foon Sifu started teaching publically in Chinatown in 1968.  Ralph Mitchell was one of the first non-chinese students to learn the art of Jook Lum, and has continued to carry the art ever since. 

This school was founded by Mark Ahlert, now 6th generation inner door disciple.  Mark has been teaching privately for many years, and has opened his classes to the public in more recent years.

The Golden Valley Minnesota branch was founded by 6th generation closed door disciple Casey Fryer.  He offers public kung fu classes for children and adults, as well as private sessions in kung fu, kundalini yoga, and native philosophy.

Studying since the early seventies, Joe McSorley — certified teacher as well as a disciple of Gin Foon Mark Sifu — leads Philadelphia's Kwong Sai Jook Lum Branch in the traditions as taught to him by Mark Sifu.

The Rome branch of our association was born in 1998, when Sifu Alessandro Cossu made his first visit to St. Paul to meet Master Mark.  Though he had extensively studied other forms of traditional Chinese martial arts, Sifu Cossu was so impressed by Master Mark that he decided to dedicate himself to learning and teaching his style. Sifu Cossu and several of his most dedicated students have been returning annually to refine their skills in this art.

This is the school that Mark Sifu bestowed to his 6th generation disciples.  Classes are currently taught by Andre Balian, Bryan Baillie, and Greg Christenson at this location.  Aside from the gung fu classes, the school features Qigong courses to the public.  Lion Dancing coursework is currently only available to gung fu students.