Our Association

The official name of our association is Gong Sai Juk Lam Ji Naam Tong Long Paai Gwok Seut Se.  This is the name of the paai, with the addition of Gwok Seut Se (國術社).

Gwok Seut Se means traditional martial arts association.  Gwok Seut (Guoshu in Pinyin) can be contrasted to Wushu (武術).  Gwok Seut emphasizes the fighting and self-protection applications of martial arts and is far more traditional, whereas Wushu emphasizes aesthetic and athleticism, and is a modern expression with is most common in the People's Republic of China.  Wushu can be very impressive looking when displayed however it does not place great emphasis on practical application, so it could be said that it is less practical for self-protection purposes.

In summary, we are a traditional Chinese gung fu association.  Our goal is to preserve and develop the knowledge of our lineage, and to create more opportunities for learning and growth through seminars and educational materials.  Our association can be thought of as the central governing body for this lineage.  Mark Gin Foon Sifu (麥振宽師傅) has appointed the 6th generation closed door disciples to manage the affairs of the association.  Though he is officially retired, he continues to spend time facilitating the growth of the style and the learning of so many students. 

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