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Traditional gung fu styles grow and evolve by being passed down through the generations.  A Sifu may appoint one or more disciples to carry on the knowledge.  This chart illustrates our official lineage of Gong Sai Juk Lam Ji Naam Tong Long Paai, through our 5th generation Sifu, Mark Gin Foon. 

Please note that there may be many other off-shoots throughout this lineage.  For example, Lam Wing Fai's partner, Wong Yuk Gong (黃毓光) stayed in Hong Kong and continued to develop a distinctly different version of the style.  









Mark Gin Foon was one of a group of five disciples selected by Lum Wing Fay to be a 5th generation closed door disciple.  This led Mark onto the path of becoming a master of the style.  In accordance with same tradition, Mark later selected five of his disciples as the 6th generation closed door disciples.  (Seen below).

Master Gin Foon Mark is seen on the lower left, on GM Lam Wing Fay's right side. 

Mark has continued teaching since Lam's retirement in the late 60's.






On April 10th, 2008 Master Gin Foon Mark and five of his disciples joined at the world headquarters where the official ceremony was held, making them the 6th generation closed door disciples.  They are responsible for preserving and carrying on the style and managing the affairs of the association.

6th Generation Closed Door Disciples w/Master Gin Foon Mark -*top row left to right: Casey Fryer, Mark Ahlert, and Andre Balian *bottom row left to right: Greg (Chris) Christensen, Master Gin Foon Mark, and Bryan Baillie.


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