Our Paai

In traditional gung fu, the term paai () refers to what most would call a unique style, sect, or system of Chinese martial arts.  The full name of our paai is Gong Sai Juk Lam Ji Naam Tong Long Pai (江西竹林寺南螳螂派).  (Going forward, we may use the terms paai and style interchangeably).

Let us take a deeper look at the characters that make up this title.  Gong Sai (江西) is the province in China in which the style originated.  Juk Lam Ji (竹林寺) means Bamboo Forest Temple, a unique temple in the bamboo forest where the origins of the style are purported to originate.  Naam Tong Long Pai (南螳螂派) means southern praying mantis style.  This distinguishes us from the branch of northern styles of Praying mantis gung fu. 

This style is often referred to as simply Juk Lam (often spelled Jook Lum), Juk Lam Tong Long, or Naam Tong Long Pai as seen in our stamped logo.  "Southern Praying Mantis" is the most direct translation of Naam Tong Long Pai, and it can be more easily understood by those who aren't familiar with Cantonese (廣州話).  

This style of gung fu is revered for being a effective - for self defense, longevity, and internal cultivation. 

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