Southern Praying Mantis Headquarters


This website is intended to be a central portal for knowledge pertaining to our unique lineage of this style of traditional Chinese gung fu, and all the culture that surrounds it. 

Our goal is to preserve, develop, and proliferate the knowledge of our lineage, by creating opportunities for learning and growth throughout the international community.  We encourage you to explore the resources provided herein, and to maximize your involvement in our community for the sake of all of those who may benefit from the traditions which we work so hard to preserve.  Gung fu is not simply about fighting; it encompasses a vast myriad of cultural and philosophical history of virtue and solidarity. 

We pay the highest tribute to the grandmaster of our lineage, Gin Foon Mark, and strive to uphold the essence his teachings and legacy.  

On behalf of our association, we welcome you with open arms.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for any reason.